The Best School Lunchroom Tables for Cafeterias

Cafeteria Tables

Cafeteria TablesSchool lunchroom tables are unique tables that are used in the school cafeteria tables. These tables will offer the student the comfort they need to enjoy their lunch during breaks. At Palmer Hamilton, we specialize in providing top-quality school lunchroom tables that deliver form and functionality. If you need to furnish your school cafeteria with some lovely tables, then check below for the best school lunchroom tables for cafeterias.

Bench Tables

Our bench tables come with stunning designs and you can quickly move them. The tables can be folded into flats which makes them easy to manage. Also, they come with a compression spring, making lifting them very easy. Our company has in stocks quality Bench Tables (19F) and Bench Table (59TV).

Stool Table

Stool table is another lovely table you can have in your school cafeteria. The table can be folded in flat shapes for compact storage. Thus, creating space for other usages. Our stool tables are also easier to set up, position, or clean up. Some of the best stool tables from Palmer Hamilton include the Stool Table (59TV) and Stool Table (60T).

Round Shaped Table

round stool tableThe round-shaped table is among the best school lunchroom tables you would need to have in your cafeteria. These tables are effortless to lift; they are water and oil-resistant. You would love having these tables as they provide floor protection and put no pressure on the floor. Palmer Hamilton offer quality and durable round shaped tables, including the Shaped Table (59T) and PHlip Folding Table.

Folding Tables

The folding cafeteria tables come with adjustable legs. Hence, they can be adjusted to the right length you desire. Also, the table feature wheelchair accessibility and are engineered for optimum stability. Our company can offer you the Folding Table (22M/MT).


You can’t go wrong with furnishing your school lunchroom with lovely cafeteria tables. These school lunchroom tables can provide excellent and comfortable seating for students and visitors using the cafeteria. The school lunch benches are a good fit for any school cafeteria. Contact us today at Palmer Hamilton get a quote for any of our products.

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